Voted Charlottesville's Best Steak and Best Farm

The farming journey for Zach and Sara Miller, owners of Timbercreek Farm & Timbercreek Market began in 2007.  After listening to Joel Salatin speak at a conference, the vision became clear as to what to do with the family land in Albemarle County. Zach enjoyed his childhood on his grandparent's farm, which had been a horse farm until the current farming operation began in 2010. The vision for the farm was to implement sustainable farming methods with a focus on raising the animals in their natural environment. Zach and Sara have a long history of animal husbandry with race and show horses.  This experience gave them a wealth of knowledge about how to provide a high level of care for the farm animals.

Timbercreek Farm's focus is the utilization of sustainable farming practices.  Employing the complimentary interactions of the different species raised on the farm,  Zach and Sara have created a self-renewing system that keeps Timbercreek Farm pesticide-, herbicide-, antibiotic-, and hormone-free.

Over the last five years, Timbercreek Farm products have been sold wholesale with only a limited access for retail customers. Timbercreek Market is the final realization of the dream that Zach and Sara had to create a place where chefs and household customers can gather to shop, learn about and enjoy the bounty of the farm.

To learn more about our farm, please visit our website or come see us at the market. 


  owners Sara & Zach Miller. photo by Sarah Cramer Shields. 

owners Sara & Zach Miller. photo by Sarah Cramer Shields. 

Our team 


Emilie Williams is Director of Operations of Timbercreek Market and Farm. She is the engine room! Without her nothing would run smoothly. She does come out and join the fun when she has time. 

Maggie Slinkman is our GM for Back 40 and the behind all of those delicious cocktails. Maggie keeps both the butcher shop and restaurant running smoothly.

Rodrigo Mejia is the man that can do anything! Wherever we are short, he steps in from the kitchen to butcher room. Rodrigo is behind the scenes making everyone's job a little easier.

Shelby Park is our Sous Chef and is always up for a challenge. 

Tucker Yoder is our Executive Chef. He is the man! Chef creates all our menus and loves to hide in his kitchen creating the next masterpiece. If you are in and have a question regarding anything to do with food just ask for Chef. Nobody knows more than that guy!



Monday - Saturday

10 AM to 6 PM